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6 Helpful Tips To Easily Survive A Mental Breakdown

What is Mental Breakdown? What triggers it?

A mental breakdown is a state where a person cannot function well because of intense physical, mental, and emotional stress brought by situations in life. It’s a state when a person cannot cope with too much pressure and stress. It is also known as “nervous breakdown”. A mental breakdown is triggered when a person is severely stressed out. If not controlled, this may cause anxiety and depression.

Having a mental breakdown is completely normal in a person’s lifetime. Everyone in this world get stressed out. But having a mental breakdown is not good for your mental health. But, there are ways to survive a mental breakdown. Here are the 6 helpful tips to easily survive a mental breakdown…

Get Some Rest

The number one thing that you need to do when having a mental breakdown is to get some rest. It is very difficult to deal with something when your mind is not in the right condition. Sit down, relax your body and mind. Get a good sleep and wake up with a fresh mind. Another form of relaxation is to take a walk outside and enjoy the view, if possible, go to a place that has a view of nature. If you have a dog or any other pets, take them with you. Just do things that you think is relaxing.

Take A Shower

Based on many people’s personal experiences, taking a shower may help in reducing your stress. It is because a shower makes you feel fresh. Taking a shower will make your body produce “feel good hormones” which will reduce the stress and anxiety that you feel. So, if you are experiencing mental breakdown, just try showering.

Empty Your Mind

Whenever you experience mental breakdown, meditate. Empty your mind, do not think about your problems, do not think about your successes or your failures. Give your mind a break. Sit down straight, close your eyes, maintain good breathing, clear out all the thoughts that you have. Think of NOTHING. Do this for 15 minutes. Meditating is a form of restarting your mind and allow it to rest in order to function well. The mind is like a computer, whenever a computer slows down or encounters a system error, the good way to solve to problem is to restart. Just like a computer, you also need to restart your mind if you feel drained and stressed out.

Release Your Negative Emotions

Whenever a person feels overwhelmed and stressed out, releasing negative thoughts and feelings will help. It’s a way of managing how you feel. There are many ways to release your negative emotions. But, how?

In the movies, overwhelmed people tend to throw and break things around, or even hurt other people, this happens in real life but this is the WRONG way. You need to control your self and release your negative emotions the RIGHT way. There are clean and better ways to release those emotions. Get in a room. You can shout, cry, punch a punching bag or you can work-out.

Talk To People You Trust

Another helpful tip is to have a conversation with someone that you really trust, someone that can keep things confidential. Many people find it difficult to share their problems to others, probably because many people love to handle things on their own. Sometimes, you need a little help. Talk to people who are good listeners that can give you advise and support. These people may help you find a solution to your problem.

Seek Medical Help

If you think you cannot handle mental breakdown on your own or can’t share your problems with people you trust, it is advisable to seek medical help. There is nothing wrong with talking to psychologists. These mental health experts are trained to help people handle stress, overcome depression, and even addiction.

If you notice these signs, seek medical help as soon as possible:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Severe stress
  • You feel worthless and think of yourself as a failure
  • Severe overthinking
  • Lack of focus
  • No appetite
  • Sleep problems

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