6 Steps On How To Choose Your Profession?

Choosing your profession can be quite difficult. Some people already know what they love, some are not sure of what they really want to do in their lives. There are thousands of options out there. You need to think and feel what profession is best for you. OneCircle is here to help you decide. Here are 6 steps on how to choose your profession…

1. Find Your Passion

Before making a move, you should first know your passion. What are your hobbies? Do you love music? Do you love sports? Are you into painting? Or are you into Science or Mathematics? It’s actually important to know what type of career that will match your personal interests in life. If you’re getting into a profession, the first thing that you should consider is your happiness. Ask yourself if you will be happy once you step into the game.

About 70% of the people in the world are not happy with their chosen profession just because of different reasons. One, most individuals think of salary rates rather than their passion, which is not bad. Money is important. Two, because the particular profession is a trend. Three, because their parents told them. Four, they chose the profession without even deciding.

The trick is, know yourself first in order to choose what is best for yourself. Before deciding on a profession, ask yourself if your personality is compatible with your chosen career. For example, You cannot be a doctor if you hate Science or Mathematics, you cannot be a soldier if you don’t like the idea of using guns. Or you cannot be a chef if you hate cooking. Do you love working indoors or outdoors? It’s a matter of matching your heart with your chosen profession.

2. Do Some Research About Different Professions

The truth is, there are thousands of profession options out there so it means that you do not know it all. Do some research about professions that might be the best fit for you. At first, most people only knew about being a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or a soldier. Only a few people knew about blogging and search engine optimization (SEO). Most of them may not know the terms “blog, SEO, or copywriting, or even real estate”. These people only knew these terms by doing research, reading books, watching videos, or talking to a lot of smart people. That is why research is important.

So, it is suggested that you do some research before choosing your career. Read books, talk to different people, and most importantly, USE THE INTERNET.

3. Make A List Of Professions That You Think Is Best For You

After doing some research, make a list of your chosen options. Making a list will organize your choices that will make you see the whole picture of the different professions on your list. It will give you the chance to compare your options, you can also rank them from your most favorite to least favorite. But of course, you need to choose what is best for you. After all, it is actually YOU who makes your career path.

4. Make The decision

The most important step on choosing your profession is to make the decision. Your decision today will affect the future. If you decide to go to medical school or law school today, then you will most likely be a doctor or a lawyer in the future if you don’t drop out. Or if you decide to enroll in a MMA club, then chances are you will be an MMA champion in the future. A wise decision will bring you up in the world. That is why you are one decision away from a different life. But before you decide, consider all the factors of that particular choice so that you will not regret your decision. It actually takes time to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life.

5. Set Goals

In order to succeed, you must have goals. You can’t just be in a profession without thinking about your destination. Your goals will guide you to the right path and maintain your momentum while you are in the process of achieving your ambition. You will stay motivated, driven, hardworking. Your productivity will also increase. Setting goals will help you determine what you want to accomplish in your life. Listing your goals will help you fight procrastination and practice good work ethic. It will also help you move out of your comfort zone.

Create a list of your short-term goals and long-term goals. Short-term goals may just take about several months to three years while long-term goals can be finished about three to five years of time. So, it is important to list these types of goals to have an insight of what you want to accomplish.

6. Create A Plan

You won’t achieve your ambition without a great plan. A well formulated plan plus a strong mentality will bring you closer to your destination. So, create different strategies that you can use. Planning will organize and provide clarity on the steps that you will take in order to reach your ambition. Your plan should be well-organized so that it will generate great results of your labor. Create your daily schedule, do tasks on time, and have self-discipline.

The important thing is, always stick to the plan.

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