8 Great Benefits of Blood Donation

Are you a person who likes the idea of donating blood to save lives (be a hero) and stay healthy at the same time? Blood donation is an important activity because…

Nowadays, there are huge populations of hospitalized people with different health conditions who needs blood. Many patients need healthy blood, lots and lots of it. However, there are many places in the world where there is blood shortage. Meaning, health organizations have trouble in finding donors to match with particular recipients.

An average person has about 5 to 6 liters of blood which is 8% of the body weight. When you donate blood, you will lose only 1 pint. After donating blood, your body will replace the volume you donated within 48 hours. Your body will replace the red blood cells within 90 days. So, you can donate again after 3 months.

But before you donate blood, you must be qualified. Consult your doctor before you plan on donating blood.

So, here are the 8 benefits of blood donation…

1. New and Healthy Blood Cells

After donating blood, you lose blood cells. So, your body will adjust to produce new cells (especially red blood cells). How does your body do it?

Your kidneys will detect the decreased oxygen levels in the blood. The kidneys will secrete a hormone called erythropoietin (a hormone responsible for red blood cell production) which will travel to the bone marrow. The bone marrow will produce stem cells that will soon become new blood cells.

So, it’s really a good idea to donate blood to replace old blood cells with new and healthy blood cells.

2. Reduces Risk Of Having Cancer

So, how does donating blood lower the risk of having cancer in the future?

Science says that when you donate blood, the iron in the body will be maintained at a normal level. Iron deficiency and excessive iron will increase the risk of having cancer.

So, If you are qualified to donate blood, then take the chance.

3. Healthy Heart And Liver

Majority of the foods we eat contains high levels of iron. Foods such as red meat, chicken, crabs, shrimp, eggs, soy beans etc. are examples of foods rich in iron.

When we consume foods rich in iron more often. The iron levels in the blood will increase. The excess iron can be stored in major organs such as the heart and liver. This may cause major diseases such as hemochromatosis (iron overload), and liver cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) which will lead to liver failure. So, it is very important to have a balanced diet.

Donating blood will surely help to reduce and maintain normal iron levels. It will not only maintain the health of the liver, it will also help in keeping the heart healthy.

4. Lowers Blood Pressure

Donating blood regularly will help maintain your hemoglobin levels.

High hemoglobin level means that your body is producing more red blood cells. This will increase the viscosity of the blood which may result to high blood pressure. When you donate blood, it will decrease the red blood cell count and it decreases the viscosity of the blood. Thus, it will lower the blood pressure.

5. Maintains Weight

Whenever you donate blood, you lose calories. So, donating blood regularly will maintain your weight. With the right diet and proper exercise, It is advisable to donate blood regularly every 3 months.

6. Free Check-Up And Tests

Before the blood donation, you will have a check-up in order to see if you are fit to donate or your blood is qualified for the donation. The health professionals will check your blood pressure and blood type. They will check if you have health conditions or blood disorders. This is necessary to see if your blood is in good condition for transfusion.

7. Enhances Psychological Wellbeing

So, how does blood donation enhance our psychological wellbeing?

Whenever we help people, we feel some form of satisfaction, we feel good for ourselves. It is because we human beings are loving creatures and it is natural for us to feel and give love and affection towards our peers.

After donating blood, we know that the bag full of our blood will be received by a person who needs help. We might save a life. So, blood donation is actually a serious event for most people like me. I like the idea of helping people and staying healthy at the same time.

8. Opportunity to Save Lives

Lots and lots of people in the world need blood for many different reasons. People who lost a lot of blood due to accidents need blood. Patients who had dengue fever need blood. People with blood disorders need blood. Patients who had a major surgery need blood.

Donating blood will help save lives. It is also a great idea to recruit healthy people that you know to donate their blood. The more blood donors, the more chances we help people in need.

Before donating blood, make sure to consult your doctor first in order to know if you are qualified to donate.

Author : Shy A.

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