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8 Proven Morning Habits For A Productive Day

It is very true that how you start your day early in the morning will impact your whole performance including your mood throughout the whole day. Majority of the most greatest people in the world have the best morning habits. Waking up feeling good will give you a head start to perform all the tasks that you need to do. But, waking up early in the morning to perform all these morning habits will take a lot of self-discipline. Only driven people will stay consistent. If you have the dedication to have the best performance ever in any aspect, then it’s important to know what these habits are. So, here are the 8 morning habits you should do everyday…

1. Wake Up The Same Time Everyday

Waking up early the same time everyday is one of the most important morning habits and the first step of PRODUCTIVITY. The best time to wake up is at 4AM in the morning. The benefit of waking up this early is that you get a chance to do all the important tasks early, you are the only one awake, there are no distractions, and most importantly, you get to spend time with yourself. If you have the dedication and you stay consistent with it, then this habit will bring you to the next level.

The human body is like a clock. It is a living biological clock. After waking up early in the morning at the same time everyday, your daily HABIT will turn into a daily ROUTINE, and you won’t even need an alarm clock to wake up.

2. Drink a Glass of Warm Water

After waking up, drink a full glass of water. This is not just a morning habit, it is a habit that you need to do throughout the day. You need to rehydrate your body because you lost a lot of water the whole night when you are sound asleep. Warm water is the best choice because it will boost your digestive system and improve bowel movements. There are many benefits in drinking water.

3. Brush Your Teeth

After drinking a full glass of water, brush your teeth. All of you might think that brushing your teeth after breakfast is the right way. But, Science disagrees. Health experts say that brushing your teeth right AFTER WAKING UP is better than brushing you teeth AFTER BREAKFAST.

While you sleep long hours at night or even a short nap. bacteria in your mouth will cause plaque that will damage your enamel and will cause tooth cavities and decay. That is why your mouth smells bad when you wake up. If you don’t brush your teeth before breakfast, the BACTERIA plus the ACIDS in the food you eat may cause additional damage to your teeth. So, consider brushing your teeth before breakfast to eliminate the plaque-causing bacteria in your mouth before consuming foods that may be acidic.

4. Do Some Stretches And Exercises

One of the most important morning habits for increased cognitive and body performance is doing some stretches and exercises. This habit will help increase the blood flow in your body and ease the possible muscle and joint aches caused by long hours of sleep at night. Exercising will maintain your overall health and performance on a day to day basis, physical, mental, and emotional health. You can do this for about 30 minutes everyday for the best results. Always remember, health is the most important factor in your life. So, invest in your body.

5. Meditate

Life is stressful, and there is a fast way to cope with the stress you feel, it’s called MEDITATION. This is one of the most important morning habits that you should master. The truth is, only a few number of people meditate. Meditation is a form of relaxation that anyone can do right now, anytime, and anywhere. It helps clear your mind, cope with stress, and increase your focus. It is what psychologists recommend because it is a form of stress-management activity.

Just sit down, clear your mind, think of nothing. Just focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths every 30 seconds. Do these for a minimum of 10 minutes. If you get used to it, you can even do it longer. Some people even do it for hours.

6. Take A Cold Shower

A cold shower in the morning is annoying. It is really a difficult thing to do. If you ask random people, they will tell you they prefer a warm shower. But, do you know that a cold morning shower is actually beneficial for your body.

A cold shower in the morning will wake your body up. It will kick-start your entire system to prepare for the day, like a car’s engine heated up and ready for a long trip. It increases blood circulation, reduce sore muscles from exercises, and increases alertness and focus.

7. Prepare Your Full-Energy Breakfast

One of the most important morning habits is a well-balanced and energy-rich breakfast. It is very true that a breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You spent the whole sleeping period without food. Eating a breakfast meal rich in protein and carbohydrates will give you the energy you need to perform your tasks for the day.

8. Do your Morning Tasks

After a breakfast, you can do all your important tasks that you need to finish. Here’s a tip, prioritize doing the most difficult tasks first, your cognitive performance is actually at it’s 100% in the morning. So, take the opportunity to do your difficult and important tasks first before doing the easier ones.

How Fast Should You Do All These?

The best time to start your morning habits is at 4AM in the morning until 7AM. Spend an hour of doing your personal hygiene and preparing your meal. Then at 5AM, you can proceed on doing your important tasks. At 7AM, you can proceed with your personal agenda. The key is to start early in the morning.

For some people, it’s very hard to do these morning habits consistently. But, once you discipline yourself to do these habits for days, months, and years, you’ll gladly see the good results.

Author: Shy A.

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