How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

What is comfort zone?

A comfort zone is a mental state where an individual feels enjoyment and satisfaction without experiencing real-life challenges. Think of it as a small circle, and in the circle consist of personal enjoyment. Good examples are scrolling through your social media apps for many hours, playing video games, and watching TV and random videos.

Just to be clear, it is actually FINE to be in your comfort zone, but spending too much of your life in the zone will NOT benefit you. When individuals are in their comfort zone, they most likely do not engage in challenges and new experiences in life that will make them grow as a person. They stay in their own personal zone where they feel satisfied for long periods of time without experiencing real-life lessons. They feel in control of their own conditions. These individuals do not try and engage in new things because of some various reasons which will be discussed…

Why are most people not leaving their comfort zone?

It is actually alright to be in your comfort zone. However, being in your comfort zone all the time will not help you grow as a person. Everything that is happening inside that zone is constant and it will not change anything. Most people are not leaving their “comfy bubble” because of these various reasons…


This is the number one reason why most people are not leaving their comfort zone. They can’t fight laziness. Laziness is one of the most difficult things to conquer. It is because in the comfy bubble, people experience pleasure, which is tempting. Almost everyone can spend the entire day watching their most favorite series on TV without feeling burnt out because of the feeling of enjoyment. This is not to say that it is bad to watch TV and enjoy your personal time, this is to say that these in-zone activities will keep us from growing if uncontrolled. It is alright to be in your comfort zone SOMETIMES, but not ALL THE TIME.

To Avoid Stress, Pain, and Pressure

In the comfort zone there is no stress, pain, or pressure. Everyone hates these negative feelings. But, in order to succeed, we need pain. A strong person is strong because of the challenges and experiences that he/she faced. A good dancer was probably once a bad dancer who was in too much stress, A muscular guy was once a fat or skinny guy who worked hard and was in so much pain before achieving the desired body.

If you want to grow in all aspects, leave your comfort zone and face the obstacles you are scared of.

To Avoid failure

Some people aren’t leaving their comfort zone because they hate failing. Failure is normal when you are in the process of reaching your goals and becoming great. A lot of people give up when they fail. Always remember that the most richest and successful people in the world have the most failures that’s why they are who they are. To reach the high level, people should just try and try no matter how many times they fail. Failure is actually the best teacher that will make you be expert in a particular field.

Ways On How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Here’s how to get out of your comfort zone…

Try New Things, Expand Your Skillset

When you try new things, you will find your passion and develop new skills. You will want to leave your comfort zone and get out and be hungry. Expanding your skillsets can promote your creativity and it will also increase the opportunities around you. Go out, search for what you truly love. If you love music, then get in the music industry and be a musician. Or, if you’re into sports, then get involved with the type of sport that you want. If you love writing, then you can start a blog that will help other people solve their problems, or you can publish a book.

This world is a jungle, it’s either you stay in one place and do nothing or you explore new things and make a change. Just get out.


When you socialize, you meet new people. Therefore, you open up new opportunities for yourself. Socializing will improve your communication skills, self-confidence, and intelligence.

Socializing will give you the chance to be engaged with different individuals with the same passion as you. People are actually gaining more confidence when they feel that they have connections with people with the same goal as them.

When you are actually out in the world and hustling for good results. You will have no time to get in your comfort zone. The PRESSURE will be your PLEASURE, because you are actually enjoying the hustle.

Create a Schedule

Having a fixed daily schedule is important to be consistent with the things that you do in a day. A schedule will help you SAVE TIME instead of WASTING TIME. It improves your concentration knowing that what you are doing is in schedule, so it will keep you from worrying about other things.

When you have a fixed daily schedule, You are practicing a good work-life balance. You’ll have a time for work and a time to enjoy your personal time with yourself, your personal interests, and your loved ones. If your activities change everyday, then create different schedules for those days.

Do not forget to make time for your exercise, entertainment, or travel. A well-balanced lifestyle is good for your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Maintain a Healthy Body

So, how does maintaining a healthy body get you out of your comfort zone?

And, how do you maintain a healthy body? The answer is simple, eat healthy drink plenty of water, exercise, do not smoke, and do not drink alcohol.

When you maintain a good diet and exercise frequently, you get in good shape and feel good about yourself. Good food and and exercise have a lot of good benefits. Eating healthy and exercising often will not only improve your physique, it will also improve your overall mental wellbeing. So, when you feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally, it will increase the chance of not feeling lazy and getting out of your comfort zone easily.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a form of self-discipline. If you are doing these good habits consistently, it means that you are motivated and disciplined enough. So, if you have the feeling of motivation, then you will have the strength to be disciplined enough to leave your comfort zone.

Have Self-discipline

Without self-discipline, you will NEVER get out of your comfort zone. Motivation alone will not take you out of the zone, you also need self-discipline to be consistent. Self-discipline allows you to turn your thoughts and plans into actions that will take you to success. It will give you the ability to do difficult tasks and deal with obstacles that you will surely face, no matter how discomfortable it may feel.

Motivation + Self-discipline = Consistency

You will not get out of your comfort zone if you are not disciplined and consistent with yourself.

Author: Shy A.

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