How To Perfectly Match T-Shirts with Jeans?

T-shirts and jeans has always been the regular outfit that most men wear. Let’s say it’s the default outfit. Choosing the perfect match can be quite confusing. Do you want to know how to choose the best match? There are a lot of factors that you should consider when it comes to styling t-shirts and jeans.

So here are 2 ways on how to perfectly match t-shirts with jeans…

1. Choose the right colors

In the color wheel, there are 12 basic colors. But, do you know that you can match these colors into over 50 different ways? That is a lot of choices. So, how do we know what matches and what don’t?

Neutral colors like black and white match with all types of colors. But, in the fashion industry, brown and navy blue can also be considered as neutral colors. You actually look nice when you wear a navy blue suit with brown leather shoes or brown chinos. Navy blue and brown actually matches perfectly.

Here are examples of perfectly combined colors:

  • White + Any color
  • Black + Any color
  • Navy Blue + Brown

2. Choose the right size and design for your body type

Choosing the right design for t-shirts and jeans is also very important in fashion. But, most people do not know what t-shirt design matches with the design of jeans. I personally love wearing just a simple plain white or black crew neck shirt with light blue/navy blue or black jeans, black or white sneakers, and some accessories. It’s just a simple and perfect outfit that matches with my personal style.

Bonus tip, avoid wearing oversized or overfit jeans if you want to look taller because they don’t actually show the real shape of your legs. Wear tapered jeans instead. Wear the right size that perfectly matches the structure, length, and size of your legs. For t-shirts, you can just wear those that match your upper body physique. If you are a muscular dude, you will actually look good wearing fitted shirts. But if you are a lean guy like me, wearing semi-fit, medium-fit, or oversized shirts is a great choice.

Here are examples of designs:

T-shirt Designs

  • Short-sleeved Plain-colored shirt
  • Long-sleeved Plain-colored shirt
  • Crew neck shirt (long -sleeved or short-sleeved

Jeans Designs

  • Tapered Jeans
  • Slim-fit Jeans
  • Regular Jeans

Author: Shy A.

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