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Why Should You Decide To Quit Smoking Right Now?

Quitting smoking is one of the best thing that you can do for yourself. It is also the best thing that you can do for your loved ones. Smoking will not only destroy your physical body, it will also destroy your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Some people say that one of the reasons that they smoke is because it relieves their stress and they consider it their form of relaxation, which is NOT true at all. Many people, especially young adults, say they look cool with a cigarette, but they don’t. Smoking is biologically very bad for your body. Cigarettes are killers.

So, OneCircle is here to tell you why should you decide to quit smoking right now…

Smoking Will Destroy Your Overall Health

Smoking always have been the number one cause of many illnesses and deaths worldwide. It will cause almost any type of disease. A single cigarette contain thousands of harmful chemicals that may cause cancer, organ problems, or stroke. A cigarette contains a substance called “nicotine”, which is addictive. Smoking will not only harm you physically, it will also harm your mental and emotional health.

When you smoke, especially in a place where there are people, you are exposing them to second-hand smoke which is also very bad for their health.

You Are Wasting Money On Cigarettes

Tobacco cigarettes, including e-cigarettes are waste of money. Imagine you weren’t smoking, you could have invested that money for a business or you could be saving up for something that is beneficial to your life. You could saving up for a house or a car.

Imagine you smoke 3 cigarettes a day for 5 years, that’s 90 cigarettes a month, 1080 a year, 5400 in five years. How much is 1 cigarette? You do the math, there are different prices for different countries. So, as you can see, that is a somehow a right amount of money that you can use for other important things.

Smoking May Ruin Your Career and Relationships

According to some smokers, there was a point where they can’t control themselves from smoking. They feel like they need it ever single time. That is because of nicotine, which can cause addiction. If you are addicted to something that will ruin you, then it may potentially affect your work, business, loved ones, your focus, confidence, and behavior.

Once You Quit, Your Energy Level Increases

Smoking does make you feel tired. When you smoke, your body absorbs less oxygen, therefore, you feel weak and tired. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body is affected. It affects your heart, lungs, muscles, and bones. People who smoke gets tired easily during an exercise or any physical activities. Smokers also have decreased mental sharpness.

Once you quit smoking, your body will come back to it’s original state and you will feel normal and energized again.

Long Life? Then Don’t Smoke.

As said above, smoking is the number one cause of mortality in the whole world.

So, how will it kill you?

There are many ways that it can kill you. When you smoke, especially for a long time, your body will be destroyed. You’ll get organ diseases, blood circulation and blood vessel problems which may lead to heart disease, eye problems, skin problems, or the most common illness caused by smoking, lung cancer. To say it simply, it affects your whole body, head to toe.

Smoking will not only ruin your physical health. It will also affect your mind and behavior. It can cause anxiety and depression. Research says that long-term smoking is associated with behavioral changes in smokers.

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