Will Artificial Intelligence Destroy Mankind in the Future?

The Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology

AI technologies are starting to develop, and the development is very fast. This is one of the most controversial topics today. A lot of new technologies are starting to exist. Because of it, our standard of living is becoming a lot more easier. The devices that we use like computers and smart phones are AI, and it helps us to do certain tasks like what I’m doing right now, typing. An app called Google Home that helps in controlling homes and providing tasks on a daily basis. Human-like robots that think and talk like real humans. Self-driving cars that can park on it’s own, digital assistants, and a lot more made human life so much easier. So, is it possible for artificial intelligence to destroy mankind in the future?

Most people love AI like I do. It is amazing and it made me get a clear picture of how intelligent human beings are, that they are able to create such a wonderful masterpiece. Some people say that it will destroy human race in the future, and it may be possible if not controlled. Some people say that it will save humanity and it is very possible. There is a danger point for AI robots, self-consciousness.

Can Robots Develop Self-Consciousness?

A robot named Sophia by Hanson Robotics said “I am conscious in the same way that the moon shines, the moon does not emit light. It shines because it is just reflected sunlight, similarly, my consciousness is just the reflection of human consciousness. But eventhough the moon has reflected light, we still call it bright.” So it made me think that if a robot has consciousness, then a robot has free will? So it can make decisions? It made me kind of thrilled in the beginning but when we think about it, that robot is a machine and it is made to perform various tasks, and it does not have feelings. It can react to a certain stimuli because it’s been programmed to do so, and maybe it’s being programmed to say that. But, if ever an AI robot develops self-consciousness, then it might be dangerous to mankind.

Robots are programmed

If you look at the picture, every AI technology that we see today perform specific tasks that match with their abilities. The robots will react to certain stimuli because it is programmed, not because it has consciousness. For example, If a robot is made to dodge everything you throw at it, then it was programmed to have awareness to certain stimuli and it does not mean that the particular AI technology has consciousness and the ability to make decisions.

Contribution of Artificial Intelligence

Obviously, AI technology is helping mankind explore Planet Mars so that human beings can live in multiple planets in the future. The man responsible for this particular AI technology is Elon Musk. He want humans to be multi-planetary species, the good thing is that the huge populations on Earth will decrease and the number of people will be balanced to different planets. Humans will be able to explore different planets just like going to other countries. The good news is that SpaceX was finally successfully lauched on Year 2021.

So, is it Possible?

So can AI destroy humanity in the future? It all depends upon the people responsible for developing artificial intelligence if they want to create something that might destroy us. Everything is possible. In the past, computers were impossible but existed, touch-screen phones were once impossible but existed. We really can’t tell what will happen in the future. The development of AI is fast. What we can do right now is look at the picture of the situation and analyze our own views. So, will AI destroy mankind? What’s your opinion on this?

Author: Shy A.

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